Citizens Center Auditorium Reservations

Guide to scheduling reservations 

Below are two links. First link is to register for an account as a Community Member. Second link is to our homepage, this link is for users that are already registered and allows you to schedule reservations for the Auditorium. 



Once you schedule a reservation it will have to be approved by the Scheduling Administrator.  

 Citizen Center Reservation Fee Schedule

  • Set-up/Tear-down $250
  • Reserved Parking $3 per space
  • Commercial Kitchen $50
  • Grand Piano $200
  • Upright Piano $50
  • $250 Deposit for:
    • Projector Screen
    • Computer
    • Podium, Interactive
    • Audio Player
    • Stage Monitor 
    • Microphone, Wired
    • Microphone, Wireless
    • Microphone, Lapel
    • Audio Cables
  • Non-profit event is $27 per hour
  • Profit/sponsored event does not have to pay hourly fee. But, still must pay for fees for needed items listed above.
  • Late fee of $100 if contract is signed within 14 days of event
  • Non-refundable processing deposit of $250 is due at the time of application submission
  • Must have insurance coverage and officer of the law paid to be on duty