Social Services


To persons who have had, or may in the future have, their Medicaid benefits terminated or reduced in North Carolina:

Proposed settlement of Franklin et al. v. Kinsley

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Medicaid Recertification

If you would like to submit information or documents for your Medicaid recertification, please send all information to:


Lincoln County Social Services provide the following services:

Mission Statement

  • Provide economic support and needed services to children, adults, and their families
  • Treat clients courteously, respectfully, and without discrimination
  • Obtain maximum benefits available for clients
  • Administer services promptly, efficiently, and accurately in accordance with Federal, State, and County laws and regulations
  • Serve any citizen in the county who expresses need
  • Enable clients who can work to become self-sufficient
  • Remain sensitive to the needs of individuals and their family
  • Refer clients to other services offered by Social Services and the community
  • Create a supportive environment with minimal stress to the client, the worker, and the agency
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