NC 16 / Woodcock Farms Small Area Plan


Woodcock Perspective

The purpose of this plan is to identify and guide development through a well thought-out development plan and growth scenario for the vacant lands. The plan relates land uses, access and development concepts seen to fit the land based on built existing conditions, driveway cuts, traffic flow, streams and topography.

The new NC 16 was constructed through the study area as part of a new bypass and includes a proposed future interchange / intersection on the site. The location of the study area is at the southeastern end of Lincoln County with direct access to Charlotte, making it a location for new businesses wanting to close to the city and international airport, but outside of the urban traffic congestion and higher land costs. The location, access and present conditions make the land desirable for a Class A office/business campus and industrial park. This small area plan location was selected due to the availability of a large vacant tract, proximity in the region to workforce and access, and the lack of similar development in the county. This small area plan was adopted on October 15, 2012 by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

Woodcock / NC 16 Small Area Plan Poster (8mb)