Pending Applications


A pending zoning application is an application that has been submitted to Planning & Inspections, but a decision has not been rendered by the appropriate board.

The public is invited to attend. The meeting will be held at the

Lincoln County Administration Building 

353 N Generals Blvd 
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Meetings begin at 6:30 pm

For more information, contact Planning & Inspections at (704) 736-8440.

Zoning cases are split into two categories, Quasi-Judicial and Legislative, with different rules and procedures applying to each. A simplified guide to the differences in the cases is available here. Please read prior to planning to speak at a public hearing.

Legislative Cases

Zoning Number Applicant DescriptionHearing Date
UDO #2022-4Lincoln County Planning and InspectionsA request to amend Section 4.2.3 to remove the requirement that a Two-Family House be designed to appear as a single-family detached home in accordance with State law, Section 8.5 Remove reference to Adequate Public Facilities Committee, Section 9.8.7.F.3 to apply the Level of Service standard to all accesses and streets, Section 9.20.10 to clarify the process of claiming a Common Law Vested Right, Section 9.6.9.F to assign to the authority of granting waivers to Subdivision Standards to the Board of Commissioners, Section 9.6.9.G to remove the option to send a Preliminary Plat back to the Planning Board for additional consideration, Section 10.5.2 to reference the provisions of state law that allow for the modernization of a billboard to a digital display if NCDOT permits the billboard, Update assorted references to Conditional Use Permits to Special Use permits throughout the ordinance.

The packet was updated on 12/1/2022 to clarify the "Update assorted references to Conditional Use Permits to Special Use permits throughout the ordinance. "

Postponed until further notice
CZ #2022-10

Map Link
Jamie and Sadie BridgesA request to rezone a 1.18-acre portion of a 13.9-acre parcel from R-T (Transitional Residential) to CZ I-G (Conditional Zoning General Industrial) to permit the use of that portion of the property as a parking area for up to 4 trucks and trailers for a general freight trucking operation. The property is located on the west side of Alf Hoover Road approximately 1 mile south of the intersection with Reepsville Road in Howards Creek Township.12/5/2022

Postponed   until further notice
PD #2021-4

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Villages of Denver, LLCA request to rezone a 126-acre tract from PD-R CU (Conditional Use Planned Residential), R-T (Transitional Residential), R-SF (Residential Single-Family), and I-G (General Industrial) to PD-R (Planned Development-Residential) to permit a subdivision with up to 267 single-family detached homes. The property is immediately north of Kenyon Drive's end and south of Hagers Hollow Drive in Catawba Springs Township.

The Planning Board will consider a Subdivision Relief request in a quasi-judicial proceeding before considering PD#2021-4. The request is SR #84

Tabled  until 
ZMA #709

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Jay & Vicki CaseyA request to rezone 1.75 acres from B-N (Neighborhood Business) to B-G (General Business). The property (Parcel ID# 53101) is located on the west side of N.C. 16 Business about 800 feet south of the intersection with McIntosh Road in Catawba Springs Township.
CZ #2023-1

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Denver Construction CompanyA request to rezone 3.6 acres from B-N (Business-General) to CZ B-G (Conditional Zoning General Business) to permit a 40,000-square-foot fitness center.  The property (Parcel IDs# 52748, 79969, 79972) is located on the east side of N.C. 16 Business and the west side of N. Pilot Knob Road about 1,100 feet south of their intersection in Catawba Springs Township.

Quasi-Judicial Cases

**Discussion with Board of County Commission members or Planning Board members prior to the hearing is not permitted.**

PA # 57

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Helmsman Homes, LLC Helmsman Homes LLC is requesting approval from the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners for a preliminary plat/sketch plan for a 16-lot residential subdivision off Ernest Houser Rd. The property, a 30.12-acre tract (Tax Parcel ID# 13656), is located on the north side of Ernest Houser Rd., 1,400 feet east of its intersection with Shoal Rd.  

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